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Allen Models founder Gene Allen with an Allen MogulAbout Allen Models

Allen Models was founded by the legendary Gene Allen (pictured) in 1963.    Today Allen Models of Nevada, LLC carries on Gene's tradition of supplying fine castings for the live steam hobby.   
Contact information:
Allen Models of Nevada, LLC
owner  Steve Alley
address P.O. Box 848
Gardnerville, Nevada 89410
Phone 775-782-3800
E-Mail: steve@allenmodels.com
Payment Terms:
All terms are cash, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, check, express money order or certified check. Make checks payable to ALLEN MODELS of NEVADA, LLC.
International Sales: 
Please call us at 775-782-3800 or email us to place an international order or to receive an international shipping estimate.  We are unable to calculate international shipping online.
Defective Castings:
Any non-machineable castings will be replaced free of charge, Upon return of defective piece.  Please call before returning or mailing casting back.
Rough Castings:
The castings provided are either cast iron or bronze.  Since these are cast with a sand mold and are not lost wax castings, some imperfections may be seen.  If any imperfections are found that are a cosmetic appearance only, these can usually be filled in with J B  weld or any other epoxy filler.
 Please inspect all your packages for damage.
All packages are insured withe the US postal service and are mailed priority mail.
If any item is lost or damaged, the post office needs to inspect the package before any claim will be paid.
No claim will be honored unless you save the package for the post office to inspect.
Please contact us immediately for any claim.