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The 2-8-0 Consolidation is a freelance model of the early slide valve type. The model reflects an early 1930's update. In this period the inside valve gear was changed to outside for better efficiency and ease of maintenance. Sometimes new stacks, domes and cabs were added. Piston valve conversions were also made when updating, but we have retained the slide valve for ease of construction. Gene Allen has always felt that the slide valve was the easiest valve type for the beginner to handle. It has 5 3/8" (51" prototype) drivers. This puts it in the switcher and short-haul class. Using many of the mogul castings and boiler helps to keep the cost down. The rigid wheelbase is only one inch longer than the mogul, thus keeping the same turning radius of 32 feet. In keeping with the updated theme, the tender trucks have been changed to ball bearing instead of friction bearing arch bar type. As with the rest of our line of engines, it is very easy to kit-bash. It could be built as a small Mikado by making some frame changes and adding a trailing truck.

"I think any builder will be pleased with the finished engine." - Gene Allen


Scale: 1 1/2" (1/5 scale)        Drivers: 6 3/8"
Gauge: 7 1/2" or 7 1/4"   Boiler: 8 5/8"
Bore: 2"   Engine Length: 88"
Stroke: 3 1/4"   Tender: 23"
Valve Gear:  Baker   Weight: 500 lbs
      Minimum Radius:  32'
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