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Allen Models American 4-4-0 Erection DrawingThe American is a freelance model using a 4-4-0 built by the Cooke Locomotive and Machine Company of Patterson, New Jersey in 1888 as a base reference. The construction is the same type as used in the Mogul and Ten Wheeler, making it a simple model to build. It uses the ten wheeler boiler, which gives it good steaming capacity and ease of operation.

The prototype model was successfully tested at several club tracks and up to three percent grades, proving the ability to move a good load without slipping. Most of the Ten Wheeler castings are used throughout. There are separate driver castings of increased diameter and a cast cab set with simulated wood paneling of the period. The tender may be built straight sided or with a flared rim. We feel that this is a pleasing looking model that makes a good showing on any track. Gene used his own American as his personal locomotive for many years.


Scale: 1 1/2" (1/8 scale)        Drivers: 8 1/2"
Gauge: 7 1/2" or 7 1/4"   Boiler: 8 5/8"
Bore: 2"   Engine Length: 60"
Stroke: 3 1/4"   Tender: 38"
Valve Gear:  Stevenson   Weight: 500 lbs
      Minimum Radius:  32'
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