For Immediate Release:

A Three Truck Schroeder Shay

Allen Models Announces Acquisition of Schroeder Shay Locomotive Business

December 03, 2020, Gardnerville, Nevada - Allen Models is pleased to announce the addition of Ken Schroeder’s affordable and high-quality Shay plans and castings to its growing lineup of locomotives.   The locomotive is now available on the Allen Models website. 

The Schroeder Shay castings can be used to build a 50-ton class “B” 2-truck Shay or a 60-ton class “C” 3 truck Shay in 1.5” scale.  

“This is a good project for the person who wants to have a unique live steam locomotive at a minimum of cost,” noted Steve Alley, proprietor of Allen Models.  “For under $1,500 you get an entire set of plans and castings for a two or three truck shay.  The parts are manageable and can be built with smaller machines.    With a 2:1 gear ratio, the Shay will pull a satisfying load and easily keep up with mainline speeds at your local club.”

The Shay lineup will also receive new laser cut and pre-fabricated parts such as cabs, tender tanks and valve gear parts, much like the rest of the Allen Models lineup. 

“I can’t think of a better person to take the reigns of the Shay Business,” said Ken Schroeder.  “Steve Alley has built eight of my engines over the years for his customers and himself.  He knows the product inside and out.”

The plans and castings for the Schroeder Shay locomotives are available on the website as of this writing.

About Allen Models: Allen Models was founded by the legendary Gene Allen in 1963 and has been a reliable supplier to the hobby for nearly 60 years.  Today Allen Models of Nevada, LLC and owner Steve Alley carry on Gene's tradition of supplying fine castings for the live steam hobby with an expanded inventory of new parts, locomotives and rail and track products to choose from.