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FN 8-22 Fitchburg Northern Complete Drawing Set

FN 8-22 Drawing Set
This is the complete set of drawings needed to build the Fitchburg Northern, and also includes the Live Steam Magazine series on the locomtive by designer Tom Rhodes. The Fitchburg uses both Chloe and Mogul drawings and parts. A sample drawing and detail from the Fitchburg project is shown.

This is the complete set of drawings needed to build the Fitchburg Northern 2-6-0.  The drawings sheets are 24x36.    The complete list of sheets for the Ftichburg Northern is as follows.   Note that not all sheets are in continuous numerical order as some sheets are shared between locomotives and retain their numbering.

Fitchburg Specific:

FN1 Frame & spring assembly
FN2 spring spring & frame parts
FN3 Brake rigging
FN4 Lead truck
FN5 Swing link lead truck
FN6 Misc details
FN7 Misc details
FN8 cab details

Also includes bound version of Tom Rhodes' Fitchburg Northern build manual originally serialized in Live Steam Magazine.

From Chloe:

1 Wheels, axles, journal boxes and crank pins
EB Cylinder assembly
2 Valve gear
3 Valve gear
4 Rods, cross heads, pistons, cross head guides, misc details
5 Cab deck details & reverse gear
6 Smoke box fitting
7 Crosshead pump & yoke

From Mogul:

26 arch bar truck
27 tender frame
28 tender frame II
29 tender tank